The Spiritals Original Art series, celebrates the essence of four of the UK’s iconic wild animals.


Animals are a treasure so often overlooked or taken for granted, none more so than our iconic wildlife here in the UK. Foxes are hunted, Badgers culled, Hares shot, and Barn Owls are the victims of agricultural progress. It is the travesty of our modern life, repeated globally.

For me, the Spiritals original art series is a celebration of these iconic creatures and their raw natural beauty. They are all adaptable to our ever-changing world and are symbols of hope and endurance, despite all.


Spirit of the Fox

The colours of this piece of art really warms my heart and it has been such a joy to create. Red represents life and courage; and ‘red’ foxes are survivors, adapting to their forced environments and enduring in all weathers and conditions.

Seeing a fox always lifts my spirits, as I find them both fascinating and charming. While their ‘cry’ or ‘scream’ maybe somewhat eerie, it is yet another characteristic of their vibrant enthusiasm for life and survival. They have evolved to co-exist within the human world.

In painting the Spirit of the Fox; I have connected to and endeavoured to bring fourth, the alert and cautious nature of the fox. ‘She stands watching, waiting, before she moves forward to seek her quarry. The raw untampered spirit of the wild shines bright in her eyes. She is wild, free and moves with the energies of the Earth as her guide.’


Spirit of the Owl

Blue shades are a real go to colour selection for me, symbolising freedom, intuition and inspiration. So choosing blue as the background for the Spirit of the Owl, instantly made this piece special. Barn owls, well, they are just stunning! Their white plumage makes them almost wrath like while flying at night, coupled with their near silent passage through the air. Face as bright as the moon, wide eyed, they capture you with their stare.

Owls in general are mesmerising, I find. Barn owls though, there is just something intrinsically magical about them. They are both beauty and the beast. Spirit of the Owl captures that moment as the Barn Owl swoops down to seize its prey. Beating its wings as claws reach, the updraft stirs the dandelion seeds into the air.

Connecting to the essence of the Barn owl was enthralling; their strength, elegance and fierce will to survive.
‘His flight is swift and stealth, passing through the air and riding the currents in silence while seeking his prey. He moves with the forces of nature using the energies of the Earth as his guide.’

Art of owl swooping.
Spirit of the Hare

Green is the colour of spring, renewal, hope and nature itself. Of course, this had to be the colour used for Spirit of the Hare; when the hare itself is a symbol of rebirth, fertility and resurrection. Of all the Spiritals original art series, this piece is the very heart of the ‘ever enduring spirit’, that we all need to dig deep and find at times.

The brown hare, with his long black tipped ears bounding across the landscape is a memory that harks back to my childhood. I always found it thrilling watching them racing along until they jumped out of view. The hare is no meek victim, unlike their rabbit brethren, just their speed and agility sets them apart. The hare is strong, yet elusive.

Painting and connecting to the essence of the hare, I found myself filled with such perseverance and hope; their lives may be brief, but every moment counts:
Even while resting he is aware and ready for flight; ears turning tuning into every sound, feet sensing every vibration of movement. He moves with the forces of nature using the energies of the Earth as his guide.


Spirit of the Badger

Choosing the colour of the background for Spirit of the Badger, was not particularly straight forward. I finally settled on its pinky-purple hue to embrace love (pink) and strength (purple). I felt these were both representative of the badgers nature.

The black and white face of the badger makes it instantly recognisable. They are robust in stature and family orientated in nature. Protecting what is theirs, aggressively if necessary; while living in large family groups they are both sociable and nurturing. This is an animal I can relate to.

While delving into the essence that is the Spirit of the Badger, I found a persistent determination and strong fighting spirit:
‘She fiercely loves and protects her family. Moving through the night, following her senses to discover nourishment. She connects to the forces of nature with the energies of the Earth as her guide.’



In one shape or form, dandelions appear in each Spiritals original art series piece. Why?

Firstly, I love dandelions. How they naturally propagate through the clock dispersing on the wind, plus they are part of natures bounty of medicinal plants. Dandelions are symbolic of healing, both physical and emotional pain; and indeed the leaves, root and flower align with this.

Secondly, dandelions encapsulate a childlike spirit. How many of us have plucked a dandelion clock and made a wish before blowing its seeds to the breeze? This is such a simple yet hopeful practice, one rooted in the belief that life is beautiful and abundant. Which it is!


The Spiritals original art series not only shares my passion for animals and their beauty, but also my deep love for life, the endurance of the soul and the magical essence that, I believe, weaves around us, binding all life together.

I have adored creating each piece of art in this series. My wish is that you can resonate with the love, vibrancy of life and spirit of the art.